Friday, February 25, 2005

Which Way To Go?

Hugh Hewitt asks: "Should the GOP leadership in the Senate push to a confrontation with the Democrats over the filibustering of judicial nominees, and if the Dems filibuster even one judicial nominee, should the GOP move to the "nuclear option" of a rule change, even if Harry Reid threatens a Senate shutdown?"

Now, I'm well aware I'm rather new to this blogging-scene, but I decided that since I have about as much journalistic credibility (i.e. none) as some journalists working for MSM, that I could have a legitimate say as well.

The nuclear option is a bad idea. Why? Because it's going to stay in effect for a LONG time. Long enough so that it will still be in power when the Republicans lose power back to the Dems (or the Libertarians, if one is to believe that the Dems are on their last legs). When the Democrats regain control and have the "Nuclear Option" rule change in effect, things won't be so pretty. What if they use it to replace Rehnquist with someone the Dems filibustered, and he's the only one who dies? If Hillary (stop with the "she-who-must-not-be-named childish rhetoric, republican-bloggers) wins in '08, (and even in '12), and the Democrats regain control in Senate (a 55-45 margin is easy enough to overcome in 5 election cycles), what then? Three more judges could die, and the Democrats would get to pick them, thanks to the nuclear option. That's REALLY not good. The "Establishment Clause" of the first amendment really would become the "Separation of Church and State"

Okay, so I'm a pessimist.

However, Hewitt is right in stating that the far-left reaches of the Senate have imposed a true Religious [litmus] Test on all further judicial nominees. If the Republicans won't use this to their advantage, they'll suffer the same fate that they did in 1992: A chance to end the Democratic Party once and for all and blow it by losing to a Clinton. The Republicans, while not using the nuclear option, must make sure the public knows of the far-reaching obstructionism that the Democrats are using. The "Shut-down" of the senate proposed by Harry Reid shows the Democrats for exactly what they are. They sound like children. (And I'm just coming from childhood myself). Whiny children who insist on getting what they want or else no one is able to do anything. The American Public once and for all needs to see what these people are up to. The Judicial Nomination process should be nigh-transparent.

I probably missed the point entirely, but I felt it was worth it. To sum up: Don't go the nuclear route, as it could bite you in the rear at a date 10 or 15 years down the line. On the other hand, do make sure the public sees all the Democratic filibustering, to show the American people how much the Democratic party really does act.

This has been too much baba gannouj for me to handle. Enjoy yourselves.

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