Sunday, February 27, 2005

TerpBlogging 2 Roundup/Rant

Update: 9:10 PM.

After re-reading that, I can see now why Maryland fans are looked upon as some of the worst in the country. We aren't that good of a set of fans, I admit. Fatalistic and vulgar and rude. Not what I'd like us to be, but that's the way we are.

However, the worst fans? No. We're bad, but the worst fans belong to the city of Boston, and New England in general

"Boston?" you say. "How can Boston have the worst fans? They've been cheering on the Red Sox for 86 years before they won a championship. Do you know how tormented that city was?"

First off, the attention span of Boston fans is shorter than any other in the country. If the fact is not "We finally won after 86 years!", they forget all about it. Remember the Celtics' run through the 80's? Neither do they. How about those three super bowls in four years for the Patriots "Dynasty"? I lived in New England since I was born, and never met a single Patriots fan until the AFC Championship game of the 2001 playoffs. Bill Belichick is a genius only in the way he's able to A) Luck out in playing Bill Cowher at home, and B) Get fans to actually attend Patriots games.

(On a related note, I feel sorry for former Pats coordinator Romeo Crennel, who's going to the Browns. The Browns have been so dismal not even Bill Belichick could win the Super Bowl with them. In fact, noted dope Bill Cowher beat Belichick way back in 1994. Poor Romeo.)

That 86 year curse? People in my high school were talking about how cursed they were. Come on - I've been cheering for the Bears in football since 1991, you've been cheering for the Sox in baseball since 1993. Who's had a longer drought? To further this point, my father was born in the mid-fifties and roots for the Indians. If you were born in the sixties and root for the Red Sox, he's still been waiting longer than you did.

Don't get me started on the Bruins (nice team), but as they're known around those parts, the "Who-ins?" New England also let the Whalers' leave without really giving a crap.

Whenever any team of New England's beats you, they have to rub it in your face until you'd like to do serious damage to theirs. And as soon as their team isn't good anymore? They don't mention them again. C'mon - how many of you could actually name the coach of the UConn Huskies in the mid '80s? How many sportscasters could? It's the same way with every sport. BU win the Beanpot? You bet they're gonna remind you of it every thirty-two seconds, whether or not you cheer for college hockey or not.

I enjoy it very much when New England does not win in a contest that they participate in. The last such one of these was the Election. Boy, was I greatful for that. And you know that New England was ready to take a crap on the rest of the country if they had won THAT, too.

Personally, I'm a Rockies fan, but I have to root for the Yankees to take out the Red Sox this season. Hey - maybe it'll be another 86 years before they win it. 19-18, 20-04, 20-90... I can only hope.

For all the Bruins fans who are upset that the season was cancelled, I'm sorry. Sounds like you do actually care. For the rest of you NE sports fans, you need to know what it feels like to not whine and moan about winning.

In conclusion, we at the University of Maryland are very crappy fans. I'll admit it - but if you want to call us the worst in the nation, you've got to be ignoring an entire region of the country.

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