Saturday, February 19, 2005

First Point of Note

First thing's first (naturally). This isn't a website about food. (Though Baba Gannouj is a rather interesting meal, and muffins are tempting as well).

It's run by me. I'm your typical blogger in all 5 of the stereotypical ways. That, and the pajammies. Do I love those pajammies.

You'll also notice that while the website is titled with the "Baba Gannouj", the web address is titled "Babaganoosh." This is not because of any slang terms associated with it. I just watch Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC) WAY too often.

"Hey, Vic - next up for log drop is some guy named Mitsurugi Babaganoosh!" - Hence, the name. Ain't that something? No? I didn't think so either.

Visit my other blog here: Fans of Dr. Kim - if you want to see what my physics class goes through on a regular basis, anyway. You probably don't want to do that.

The last thing you'll notice is that I have no picture up. This is because I only possess one picture of myself, and it doesn't even have my face IN it. It's more like a shot from the side. So no piccies of me until something actually develops. *insert " >_< " here*

I don't like cameras - what can I say?

Well, what can I say other than... enjoy the baba gannouj.

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